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Arye and Katlego

with Arye Kellman and Katlego Mohoaduba

Arye Kellman and Katlego Mohoaduba represent a new force in the South African, African and Global media industries as a powerful broadcasting duo who are able to meaningfully connect with their peers in a digital world. When the two take on a microphone together, what transpires is nothing short of a millennial masterpiece which is authentic, empowering and highly entertaining in nature. Arye and Katlego use powerful conversation across a variety of platforms to constantly connect with their audience and consistently keep them engaged and committed to the show.



Arye & Katlego Podcasts



  1. Mvano   On   September 5, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Radio on Steroids… Fucken love this. Hope we will be able to find ways to save shows as Podcasts, or is it strategic decision to keep live?

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